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You must use an email that will accept mail from us. You must validate your email address.

If your email continually bounces you will be deleted from the program. Do not use aol addresses.

Take off spam filters and add marketersbiz.com to your white list to accept mail from us.

If your account is deleted for bouncing you will lose any monies accumulated in your account.
Payout can occur at $5.00...

Members must click on the paid link in emails to receive credit for the viewing of an advertisers ad.

Members are paid 0.005 per click on each paid link. You are paid 0.003 for each of your referrals clicks..

IP addresses are checked on referrals to make sure there is no fraud.

Only 1 click per email is registered.

Can't Log In:
Assuming you validated your email address- do this if youre using iE Browser
1.Your cookie security settings are too high so your web browser doesn't let login cookies be written to your computer.
2. In internet explorer go to TOOLS menu, click "Internet Options"
3. In the window that opens, click the "Privacy" tab.
4. Change the slider  on there to be at LEAST "Medium" (the default is medium so that should work - 
5. Click OK
6. Close Internet Explorer then reopen it and see if you can login now

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